Your Vision is My Vision

web_designWhen you started your business, your vision was to provide the best services or products possible to your customers...  and you hold to that, even Today.  I have the same vision... to provide you with the best graphic and website design services possible.


Concept Slide Investigation.
I cannot read your mind, but I know that you want a website that's right for you or your business. That's why I take the time to carefully listen to you talk about the specific goals and needs of your site. Once we've spent some time together, the formulation of the Concept Slide begins, a graphical road map of the proposed website layout. I stay true to your vision by constantly checking all design, application development, and technology matters against your Concept Slide.

Creative Development.
Now we get into the fun stuff. This is where I present you with a skeleton of what your site will look like. Based on your feedback, this will be used as the foundation for the rest of the aesthetic and information design of your site.

Technical Development.
This is where my knowledgeable skills go to work.

Project Delivery.
You asked for a website with all the bells and whistles. This is the part where it is handed over for you to inspect and toil with as you'd expect your users/clients to. Once you've approved your site, we launch it.  I want to know what you think, so we'll be having an exit interview with you.

Public Relations.
You know your site has launched, but that doesn't mean that everyone else knows about it. I will submit your site to all major search engines to have it indexed for internet visitors... which could be your potential new customers.